We are real farmers now!

Aug 15, 2010

by Farmer Rosie

I have mentioned before how we were teased about being farmers when we first moved out here. Yes, there was some land and an old farm house, but cows used to live here, shouldn’t that count?

Well, now it is official. If the truffeire, hundreds of blueberry plants, sheep, llama and gardens didn’t legitimize our daily life as farmers, raising poultry for protein does!

So it began with with a phone message left by the USPS at 3:25 a.m. “Your chicks are here.”
(thoughtful of them since the post office doesn’t open until 8:00!) Their home was ready in an unfinished bathroom with a darling cage Rachel Ashwell would have loved.

At about 5 weeks there were ready to move into the chicken tractor to munch on fresh grass and bugs all day.

That’s Mary, our Farm Girl!

If you are the faint of heart type, or vegetarian you may want to stop reading now. Just saying.

Time came for our healthy birds to go into the freezer. With the help of the Kitsap Poultry Growers Co-op we were set in motion for something we had NEVER done before, process the chickens (kind way of saying…). I’ll let the photos share the story.

There is always a ‘first step’.

Into the scalder.

The amazing Featherman Whizbang Plucker!

Naked chicken.

Just chillin’.

An Alice in Wonderland quote here.

Now, isn’t this a meal you want to eat?

Blueberry cous cous, fresh garden greens, roasted baby carrots, roasted potato salad and home grown, roasted chicken. I can honestly say I know where my food comes from.

Can you?