Kale- It's what's for dinner

Feb 03, 2011

by Tony Mora

My back was aching.
My fingers were frozen.
One more load to the compost then in for a cuppa tea.
Then I turned away from the compost and saw the most beautiful sight.
75 feet of young, tender, lush kale…glorious. If you know what I mean, then you KNOW what I mean. On my knees with clippers in hand I was planning the recipes I was going to make. Bake it with heavy cream, eggs, quinoa, gruyere and parm, or a salad with wild rice and peppers or maybe I will just bake ALL of it into delicious, crunchy, sea salty chips!
My back was no longer aching and my gloves came off to pick each tender leaf.
Tonight we are eating local.

Farmer Rosie