Hello again

Jul 24, 2010

by Farmer Rosie

Where do I begin again. It’s not that I (we) haven’t been doing anything on the farm for the last year, it’s just that well, hmmm. Enough said.

I love the pictures on the food blogs I visit. They look almost surreal. Is the lighting in their kitchen that amazing? Does a food stylist live with them or do they just have one on call?

This summer the farm was thrilled to be the location for a blogging event put on the Kitsap Regional Library. Because it was here I was able to loiter a bit, eat delicious food from Monica’s Waterfront Bakery & Cafe and Chef Chris Plemmons while we sat in the orchard and listened to 3 inspiring young women, Molly Wizenberg, Shauna James Ahern, and Lorna Yee, share about doing what they love. When it was time for questions I did ask about their photos and they answered me in another language!

One day when a couple of friends were gathered around the kitchen table I set out a few snacks and wine and I said “Oh, this would be a perfect photo for a blog”. Wrong. It was so silly. So, I guess I’ll just keep doing what I love. Cooking, hosting, and putting out simple food that makes you feel loved. Maybe you can take the pictures!