First Fruits

Jul 24, 2009

by Farmer Rosie

Back in June I came across an ad on Craigslist, “100 strawberry plants- $50- you dig” hmmm.

Strawberries are good, I do have an old twin iron bed in the garden that could become a ‘strawberry bed’, but 100. That seems like a lot. Well my friend Cynthia said she take half so we went digging. Came home with a couple boxes and planted 198! Cynthia also planted more than expected. It only took up 1/2 of my bed so we’ll have room to grow for next year.

  • Strawberry freezer jam – check
  • Strawberry Shortcake – check
  • Strawberries w/ fresh homemade yogurt – check
  • Strawberries out of your hand- Oh Yea

Best part, they’re still coming!