Barn Swallow Fledglings

Jul 12, 2009

by André Mora

For the past two years Barn Swallows have nested in our basement. If you’re familiar with our house, you know it sits on a hill and the front half of the basement is level with the front yard. Though Barn Swallows typically nest just under an eave, I assume they’ve chosen the basement (via the window-less door) for it’s more encompassing protection.

Last year they nested on a ledge but this year they chose a peculiar spot—on a hanging extension cord. Being only six feet off the ground, it was easy to spy on the nest building process and hatching and growth of the new swallows.

This morning I went to check on them and they were perched on the edge of their nest. As soon as they noticed me they took off through the window. I was surprised they were already flying. Just ten days ago they barely had their eyes open (as you can see in the nest picture). But they’ve spent most of the day outside, practicing flying and sitting on the power line waiting for food to be delivered. I posted some images on Flickr, taken today.

Time to check on the Barn Swallows that nested in the lower garage!

photos by André.